Buy codeine only if you need it.

Codeine phosphate is an opiate, a week opioid compare to stronger ones like morphine. Buy codeine online during 2016 was a major search on google, this is cause many people do not have a insurance and cannot go to a doctor. The brand name for this medicine is Codokuff, but you can find it under many different names.


This drug is used to treat mild to severe pain. If you buy codeine it can be particularly useful when a combination of other softer painkillers, for example, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. This medicine, as any other opioid works direct into the central nervous system, so all the possible side effects also came from there.


If you buy codeine you should know that it is valid only by a prescription made by your doctor and dispenser by your pharmacist. The common dosage of this drug is 15mg to 60mg every 6 hours or so. You must always keep the lower dosage possible. You should never exceed the Maximum dose of 360 mg every 24 hours.


Buy codeine always at the same pharmacist is not a bad idea. Since it is an old drug, discovery back in 1832 ! , so a generic will be prescribed. Each pharmacy have different generics from different laboratories, and some people likes more one lab than other.


Can you buy codeine without a prescription?


Yes, you can but you should not do it. Because you might over use it and cause it is really good than a real doctor or a pharmacist follow your treatment. I know that there are too many doctors that do not take to seriously the pain that the patient is suffering. But there are many clinical doctors who are specialist on management of pain. Any person that have a chronic suffering should get one.


Many times the formula of contain other drugs, a popular one it is Tylenol with Codeine, and Tylenol it is basically acetaminophen by aventis. Another popular, if you buy codeine, it is as an anti-caught medicine. Since the opioids have this “side effect” even at a really low dosage.  The common dose is just 7.5mg to 15mg and will be enough for most type of cough.

If you buy codeine, you should know that this medicine is on the schedule 2 for the prescription list of the FDA. Other drugs that are on the same list are hydrocodone or morphine, so, basically are more controlled substance than no opioid drugs like ibuprofen.


Keep in mind, always, that you should start with safer medicine. Do not get me wrong, this is a great solution for pain, but must not be the first one to try it. Should be second choice, something between acetaminophen and morphine.

Basically, what you should know at the time to buy codeine is that the half-life is around 6 hours, that you should not take more than 360 mg per day and that it can be take it with or without food. Plus if you take it with other none opioids, you can lower the dosage of both avoiding possible side effects.

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