Buy codeine online can be a problem, if you do not know what are you buying.

Codeine pills has been prescribed by American doctors since the 50s to patients with moderate to severe pain. It have being too many decades not only give it as pain killer, but also as antitussive medicine. If you buy codeine online, you might already realize that this medicine is pro-drug that must be metabolized into the liver to the active and more potent opioid, morphine. This last substance is the responsible for codeine’s analgesic effects.

Since it depend on your liver, and especially a certain type of livers enzyme, it depend on each individual how much of the pro-drug is actually convert it into the active morphine. This is the reason that some people need higher dosage than others, it do not mean that this person is weaker against the pain, it is simple their genes.

There is not test to be run, so if you buy codeine online you must be carefully with the amount of codeine you take daily. Remember than an average dose is 15mg 4 to 6 times per day, and never pass the 360mg daily.

Many people are suffering for pain, and this medicine can be a real answer for their prayers. But you have to use it and take it seriously. Even an overdose is not so easy, it can cause you several side effects if you do not use it in the right way.

If I buy codeine online, could I get in troubles?

Well, if you do not use it right, yes. And if you take it with you, it is better to have a prescription or do not take the whole bottle/box with you in your pockets.

This medicine is a pain reliever much stronger than acetaminophen, since it direct blocks the transmission of pain in the central nervous system, but it do nothing against inflammation. So, many times, a drug like Ibuprofen it is prescribed with opiods like codeine pills.

When a people buy codeine online, must know to do a proper search and check that the online pharmacy it is real. Also, they must provide you real photos of how actually the medicine looks and what is the manufactured laboratory, from which country it is approved.

One of thing that most people that buy codeine online have had positive experiences with this medicine. The main positive thing that patients have reported is that codeine takes a very short time to note the effect in reducing the pain.

If you are thinking about using it, I strongly suggest you to first, take an appointment with your family doctor. There are even doctor that are specialist on how to deal with chronic pain and know how exactly this kind of drug must be use in.

In a short resume, you can buy codeine online if you are on moderate to severe pain. But a must thing to do is get all the basic information on this drug. How to take it, the right dose for your kind of pain and the thing that you should first, try to ease your pain with acetaminophen.

buy codeine online
buy codeine online