Order codeine online, the best way to do it.

If you want to order codeine online, you must follow this simple easy steps to do it :

1) Fight the right online pharmacy, make sure it is a real one. All the online pharmacist must have a real pharmacy associated to it.

2) Search for real photos. Nowadays, there are too many online pharmacy that will give you the option to order codeine online. However, many of them will not put a real photo of the product they will send. Some include none, others an stolen one from google images and many just a “cartoon” draw .

3) Be sure that the pills are not send loose it in a bag. All medicine should came in the real bottle or in a blister silver pack.

4) Ask always from where they will send the order. Many pharmacies works in other states or even oversea, like Canada.

5) Always get a doctor prescription, will be the faster and easier way. Also, will be a good idea before you order codeine online to get a real doctor visit. Will only take you a 100 dollars or so one time and you will be more secure.

6) Read all about codeine before you buy it. Read the possible side effects, how to take it, drug interactions, etc.

7) Ask for expire date. Many prescription drugs contain the expire date for over 2 years, but you must ask.

8) Before you order codeine, you should and you must ask all the question you might have. Once you pay for it, it is too late to ask. Plus, it is really a none sense.

What about the dosage of this medicine? must know it before you order codeine online

You should always start with the lower dose. For most people, that will be 15mg every 4 or 6 hours. In the world of pain, each person is different. But, you should know that codeine is not the active substance that will treat the pain in you. The active drug of it, it is morphine.

The body, by the liver, convert the first drug into a second one. So, basically, when you are ordering codeine, you buy a pro-drug ! That it is need to be convert it by an enzyme on your organ.

Many people have more or less respond to codeine, in fact, the amount of enzyme you have to convert it into the most powerful opioid, morphine will be the key. unfortunately the amount of conversion you have is genetic, so there is nothing you can do about this chemical thing that happen without you even note it.

So, to do not bothering you, I must give you a little secret on how to order codeine online. Be smart, do not use that spam email you received.
Do not go to a forum that have some banners of generic indian medicines! Avoid any pharmacy based on third world cheap countries in Asia ! it is your body, save now and you will be sorrow about this yesterday  .

order codeine online
order codeine online