Order codeine have never been easier. But at what cost ?

Before you order codeine, you must know that this medicine is a mil opioid analgesic. This pain killer it is also use to reduce coughing. About the kind of pain it can be treat is from sever to moderate, if you used the EVA scale of pain, is the kind of pain between 5 to 7 or 8.

For stronger kind of pain, instead of order codeine you must tell your doctor to give you a prescription for something stronger like oxycodone ( also know it as just “oxy” ) or hydrocodone. Also some doctor will give you a prescription for oral morphine, this last one is not so popular.
Keep in mind that all this medicines, this drugs are over abuse it and have all the Medias selling horror stories about them. This is why some doctor are afraid on giving a prescription about this. But you must know, that for certain kind of pain, for chronic ones, are the right choice.

The most common prescribed dosage, in case you order codeine, it is 15 to 60 mg spitted over the day every 4 or 6 hours. Codeine must be convert into Morphine in your body to have effect. So it depend on how much of the enzyme that produce the conversion you have. This is why it is so relative how much a person will need of this particular drug.

You must know that you should not take more than 340 mg for every 24hours, if you take more than this limit, you will drastically increase the chances of have extreme serious side effects.

What are the most common side effects of using codeine?

If you are using it on the right dosage, the most common side effect it is constipation, this is why the doctors usually prescribe this opioid and any other with a laxative, to avoid this kind of side effect keep the dosage as low as you can. Also, you might want to combine it with less strong pain killers, such of ibuprofen or Tylenol. Keep in mind that for this reason, many doctors prescribe it also to treat chronic diarrhea. Yes, that powerful are opioids.

Is codeine a drug like Ibuprofen ?

No, in fact it is not even the same category of drug. The first one it is an narcotic opiate and the Ibu it is an nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, also know it as NSAID. Opioids do nothing again inflammation, while the Nsaids drugs do. So this is why so many doctor give a combination of both kind of medicines.
So, If you are thinking about a good place to order codeine, the best place is a real pharmacy. The one closer to your home will be the ideal, they should have a good pharmacist there that will dispend what your doctor prescribed it to you. Get some basic information on how to take the codeine pills, there also liquid formulas that act quickly but with lower percent of the main active drug to treat the pain.

order codeine
order codeine